2003| 101 min | USA
Release Date: January 17,
Directed by:
Chris Coch
Boy meets girl. Boy meets girl’s cousin.



Written by: Greg Glienna
Produced by
: David Ladd Films, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Distributed by
: 20th Century Fox



When he wakes up the morning after his bachelor party in bed with a strange woman (Stiles), a man (Lee) presumes he must have cheated on his fiancee. Guilt leads him to try to cover it up in the week before the wedding, high jinks ensue.


A man trying to save his relationship with the woman he loves finds himself sinking into a quicksand of small lies and half-truths in this comedy. Paul (Jason Lee) is a regular guy who is engaged to marry Karen (Selma Blair); while Paul loves Karen, he’s more than a bit nervous around her family, even though her father (James Brolin) has already given him a job in the family business. Shortly before the wedding, Paul’s friends throw him a bachelor party, complete with a boatload of liquor and a squadron of grass-skirt-clad tiki dancers. Paul strikes up a conversation with one of the dancers, the cheerful if inept Becky (Julia Stiles), and the next morning, he wakes up bleary-eyed with a massive hangover — and Becky in bed next to him. Paul soon receives a phone call from Karen saying she’s stopping by for a visit, and Paul scrambles to get Becky out of his apartment. Paul attempts to explain some incriminating evidence with a few white lies, but a messy situation gets messier when Paul runs into Becky at a pre-wedding family get-together…and discovers she’s Karen’s cousin. A Guy Thing also features Shawn Hatosy, Lochlyn Munro, and Julie Hagerty.

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James Brolin as Ken Cooper – Jason Lee as Paul Morse – Selma Blair as Karen Cooper

Jason Lee … Paul Morse
Julia Stiles … Becky Jackon
Selma Blair … Karen Cooper
James Brolin … Ken Cooper
Shawn Hatosy … Jim
Lochlyn Munro … Ray Donovan
Diana Scarwid … Sandra Cooper
David Koechner … Buck Morse
Julie Hagerty … Dorothy Morse
Thomas Lennon … Pete Morse

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Becky is a daredevil, free-spirited type. She is Karen’s cousin, but still manages to end up in bed with Karen’s fiancé Paul.
Selma Blair said: “You don’t want to like Becky because she’s kind of a home wrecker. But it keeps coming around, no one’s being honest with each other, and the only one that’s honest is Karen.”


“I got the script and was so busy I only had time to read about 20 pages but I was doubled over laughing reading it and couldn’t put it down. With most comedies, it’s not so much about what’s written but the person playing it. When Jim Carrey or Mike Myers comes in and improvises, they make it funny. The fact that this was funny on the page was really impressive to me. I think everyone can relate to getting really deep into a lie, to the point of absurdity.”

Paul (Jason Lee) and I don’t really commit any crime except breaking and entering. Of course he does end up in bed with me, the hula dancer from his bachelor party. He thought we slept together and he maybe had the intention but was too drunk. It’s left kind of vague.”


Received 27 metascore out of 100 based on 29 reviews @ Metacritic.com [09/29/07]
Overall grade breakdown: A‘s: 8 6.4% B‘s: 26 20.8%

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Released: 27th May 2003
Available in Widescreen

Bonus Materials Extended Edition DVD

  • Deleted scenes & alternate endings
  • Bloopers
  • Audio commentary with the director & cast
  • “Inside A Guy Thing” featurette
  • Bachelor party confidential “Groovy Gravy” featurette
  • Trivia track “Are We Made for Each Other?”
  • Interactive quiz
  • Photo gallery
  • Original theatrical trailer

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Domestic Total Gross: $15,545,431
Foreign Total Gross: $1,886,732
Opening Weekend: $6,988,749
Widest Release: 2,520 theaters
Production Budget: $20 million

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